December 16, 2001

Rebecca, you're so funny! NAHAH I laugh. What a cute picture! And, uh, nice nail polish, Even!

My mum said I used to have a really evil laugh. Now she says I laugh like a hyena. Well, that's a plus. Ha. No.

Well, it's pretty weird for my while family to be in the SAME house again. This happens twice a year when my bro and dad decide to come back home from wherever the hell I am. To quote Anthony, "You have a father, right?" Well, he said something like that, haha. Oh and I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY! He must be really really really old, haha! I have no idea, but since I've been going to Ackermans he's aged 3 years, yeah? So have I. Eek.

Anyway. Today at around 12 my dad goes into everyone's room to wake em up, but of course none of us do. Then I hear a fire truck go by with a dude saying something like "SANTA CLAUSE AT THE FIRE HOUSE 2 PM" and...uh..okay! That's nice. Now let me sleep, GODDAMMIT! *plop*. I had 5 odd dreams after waking up and going to sleep so many times

"COS WHEN YOU GET SO CLOSE I RUN AND HIDE.." That's about the only thing I understand in this song. Well I guess there is other stuff too. But the whole thing to me is jsut like GAH SO HAPPY jesus christ!

My dad decided to take a holiday family picture..WOO how fun is that. Not very. It wasn't too much torture I suppose. My dad is just strange though...screw pictures...GAH!

I still have a bit o pre calc and physics homework. Ergh, I always leave everything to Sunday! :(


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