December 22, 2001

Oo, today was...interesting! I went to NY and it took TWO hours, the longest so far I think. Yuck. So I got there around 6. I walked to HMV to meet Diana, which took about a second, and then we walked back to the Port Authority terminal to eat at Au Bon Pain. I love the Thai Chicken sandwich, it's the only thing I've gotten there for the past...years...yeah. Except that time I had SOUP. But anyway! After eating (a lot) we went on the subway to 72nd street to the Beacon Theater.

The Beacon Theater is...nice. It has SEATS...rows of em. Not just a giant floor. WOO. It looks like a old place, but a lot of those concert venues look like that, with an...old quality to it. Someday they'll all be refurbished I guess. But ANYWAY, we were in the third row, quite nice. The place was pretty much full (two sold out shows I think) and there were lots of big fans there. And the whole show was cool, the people in the band and stuff seem to really like performing and...stuff! Actually what I noticed a lot was the lighting, there was lots of lighting and it Light is a good thing. I think. Lots of colors, it reminded me of AIR (that was nuts, lots of temporary blindness) and it was nice. Mainly, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra played Christmas songs, but they played some other stuff from a CD with Beethoven stuff and I actually liked that better. It's not easy to play Beethoven on the guitar...yeaaah...they didn't make it look easy, it was like...what the hell is that dude doing? Guuuh! ...!

I'm sure that made lots of sense...(not)...but blah. The bass player definitely stood out, he was really into the whole thing, I had to be there, Diana and I thought it was pretty funny. At one point a crazy fan just got onto the stage and danced with one of the singers, and she kissed one of the guitarist. And then a security guard took her off the stage, I mean, it was so casual, it was weird! Funny too I guess. At another point one of the guitarists ran off the stage and went to the second balcony and continued playing there, which was nice for the people up there I guess. :)

After the show we waited because Diana wanted to get autographs (along with a giant crowd of other people) so that was nice. And then the night was kind of...over! Well, not entirely, we took the subway back to the port authority and I bought a bottle of apple juice...drank that..walked around, and waited for me bus. Came back home. All is well. Listening to Even...nehehehe!

I forgot one thing, before we went into the Beacon Theater, Diana and I had time to kill so we went to Urban Outfitters. When I first went there...two years ago in Boston it seemed like a neat store. Then again, that was two years I think everything sucks. HA! Well, not really, but it's like any other store. With stuff. No, not really...stuff that you really really don't need but you could feel compelled to buy. Diana and I went around the store criticizing how expensive the stuff was (we recorded it onto an MD...cos we're dorks, haha!) and...uh..WOOO yeah that was fun. They had lychee gummies, that was probably the weirdest things. Who doesn't love lycheee guummmiiies?

Man, when I was in NY all I was thinking was "I saw Even here!...somewhere!" Well that's not ALL but I thought about it too much, the good and the bad, and overall the whole thing was more liekly to have never happened than to have happened (and it did...) so...this is dumb. Gotta stop thinking! Stop thinking! Destroy brain! Cells! Boom! Even go away faaar awaaay! AHHAYDASHFghfe~!!!

...I ate too much.


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