December 28, 2001

Oo, I finally got my Velvet Teen CD. I didn't even check the mail, I figured I wouldn't get anything. My mum got it and said "..did you order something?" Oo. I woke up at around 2. My dad went to Staten Island I think, and my mum and bro went to Palisades Center. And I slept. I know I'm sick, but at least I don't have that sickly feeling, just that big gobs of mucus keep coming out of my nose. What do ye know...

I installed my writing tablet thing and decided to use it a bit in Painter, this what I ended up with:

I was chatting with Katherine and she was talking about her cat being a devil. Mmhm. She doens't look like that though. I'm quite the pro at stick figure drawing, I know...:P

Blue penguin! I make my penguins blue cos if they were black you wouldn't be able to see their CUTE BEADY EYES, right? It's demented, but ye know I'm not used to the stupid tablet yet, it screws things up...I swear...oh yeah, I'm not an "artsy" person. HAHA obviously. I don't draw much.

That's my really demented handwriting. Ee.

What does anyone think of my Radiohead remix? I mean I don't want to force anyone to listen to it, but I'm just wondering. Some..critique-ing? I redid the end of it anyhoo.



Has anyone else been getting tons of sales calls and junk today? The phone rang about 5 times during dinner. mmwell. Is there any method of communication not littered with ..JUNK?

"Say cheese, everybody!"...Even!...heehee. Yeah, a pull-sting doll of Even would be great, wouldn't it? It would be equiped with a lap steel guitar, a magnet, be styled with black nail polish, earrings, and heck, you could even change betwen 3 different hairstyles. And it would have over 50 sayings! Okay, pardon my silliness, but it was rebecca's idea..nehehe...


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