December 24, 2001

No mail. Poop. Actually, I (or my mum) got Seventeen magazine. I'm dying to read about "Humiliating moments with A.J., Ashtom, Blink-182"...wouldn't YOU?

I woke up before noon. Wow. My mum made me...I got some sushi. Which I ate in the car. It doesn't seem to matter how much I eat the night before, I'm always able to eat normally the next day. I need to detoxify. Uh..yeah. There's a 30-day thing you can buy at Whole Foods, but I did it during the summer and you end up going to the bathroom a lot. Won't be very good when I start school. So I'll probably have to wait until the summer again.

My mum pointed out something that made a lot of sense. My dad doens't really listen to me, my bro or my mum, but if someone else says the same thing that one of us says, he'll listen and think about whatever they say. Then again I probably wouldn't want to listen to my dad, but still, there's something wrong there.


"Across The Universe" is such a nice song...nicest when Rufus is singing it, heehee! Well the original one is good too. But. I like this better. Tis a good thing, yessssssssssss? I guess I would want to go to that Rufus concert at Town Hall, but for some reason I don't have this big giant urge to go. Nothing will be as good as SEEING EVEN, maybe that's it.

Hi Robyn,

Rimur arrived today (Christmas eve), i was so happy and I've been playing it all day, particularly tracks 3 and 5. It was such a kind thing for you to do and am very appreciative.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Lots of love,

ALEX xxx :D

:) That made me give someone something you KNOW they want. On the Sigur Ros mailing list this dude had asked if anyone had the Rimur EP, and I had no idea that's what it was called but I have it so I made a copy for him and sent it to him for no charge. I don't think I'm incredibly fond of the CD though, not that Steindor has a bad voice (he sings in about all the songs) Well. Lala. :)

Tonite my family is going to Long Island to visit my mum's uncle's house. I don't mind my mum's side of the family much, her aunt and uncle are nice people. I think in a way they can be snobbish, but not too much, it's just...nah, nothing very important. Last year we all went to a country club and hooo crap, I hate those places really. It's just WEIRD, the people that go there, a whole other planet, and I don't like it. *Shudders*. Then again in Taiwan I used to love going to the American Club, but that wasn't really a country club, it wasn't like you had to dress a certain way and everyone was nice and stuff. I ate curry every time I went there I think. I loved it. AHH no no good.

I love cookies.

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