December 18, 2001

My mum and my bro want to see the midnite showing of "Lord of the Rings"....well, they don't desperately want to see it. My mum said if she goes tonite then she doesn't want to bring me tomorrow, so I said..NO! :) Well, not really like that, but I want to go tomorrow, so she'll wait. It's not like we're really into Lord of the Rings, I just want to see it. Yeah.

Has anyone seen Vanilla Sky? I was wondering how all the Radiohead and Sigur Ros songs fit in. I heard there's a clip of the "Big Time Sensuality" video in there...or something? Hm.

I don't recall much else happening. ..AH crap. I just realized something. I think the recordings of the WFMU stuff I made are a little distorted...when it gets loud...wuhhh, NO I have to do it over! Well, technically I don't have to, but this sucks. I wanted to make a CD out of it. It's barely distorted, but it's theeeerrrre and it's gonna bother meeeee...e.

I've probably mentioned this before, but the stuff I write online (anywhere really) and the style isn't really like it...oh yeah, like you know. It bothers me a bit because I think about what I'm goig to write yet everything still comes out sounding semi-moronic in a way. Too many smilies I guess. It's not wrong to have smilies but how intelligent does this seem:






:) well. I can give the illusion that I'm smiling furiously...:) :) :) :) :) :) :)...STOP THIS MADNESS! Cos I'm not, nahahHA!

Today a girl said to me, "Robyn, you're so shy!" Ah..ya. Good to point that out sometimes in case I forget because people frighten me. After school a person who I didn't know at all and I don't think was even in my grade, asked me what my name was. "...Robyn." End of conversation. Phew. Maybe he wanted my name so he could put it on his "People to Kill" list. Boy, wouldn't I!

I changed the site again somewhat. The square image at the top should change randomly every time you come to the page (although there are only 15 different ones) so you don't have to look at smilies surrounding even's face every time. BUT WHY WOULDN'T YOU?!...! :) (crap. another smilie)

If you're wondering, or it you're Lea, I got that fading picture script from I don't think I can use that and the random picture script though...well I dunno. Blah!


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