December 13, 2001

Mm..candeeee. I got a package from Karen today! Extremely unexpected...but cool none the less. She got me this really cute although somewhat odd penguin stuffed animal sitting on a box o candy. Which I'm eating now. The candy, not the penguin. Anyway, the penguin's feet aren't connected directly to its body, they're on these long strings so the penguin has...there...feet connected to strings...okay. That made sense, eh? Oh yeah, and a pair of penguin socks was included in the package...COOL! Penguin socks, I can't imagine anythign cooler, and I need new socks, the ones I'm wearing now have holes in em. THANKS KAREN!

Oh yeah, that was probably...a christmas present. Well it ain't christmas, but I don't give a crap, naha!

School was incredibly...schoolish. Nothing very important happened. Oo, I got a C+ on my physics test! I thought that was quite alright. It's going up to a B- though because the teacher graded some questions wrong...I had a 79! I was thinking "god, THIS close to a B-" (before I found out I'd be getting more points) but then I realized how lucky i was, I mean some stuff i just guessed on or didn't have any idea how I got the right answer. I got one of the hardest questions right, you can count on crap like that to happen. I got the easiest question wrong I think. About vectors. Gah!

I was listening to Quiet & Still during lunch (I guess that's my new ritual) and for whatever reason all I could hear was Even breathing...does that ever happen to you? When all you hear are the intakes of breaths? A long time ago that used to happen when I listened to Rufus Wainwright...and it drove me NUTS. But anyway, that was just for a bit. Even, woo! It's strange though, for that split second of "silence" from when one song ended and another one would begin, the sound of people in the cafeteria chatting and whatever felt so empty and just plain weird. It was...weird. Very distant. Then again I sit in a corner of the cafeteria, using the giant table I get all for myself as a barracade of sorts. While I was attempting to do physics homework (I didn't get any of the answers right of course) a girl from my English and history class plopped down in the chair next to me and started talking to me. That was nice, i guess...she is a nice person. It's not like we talk a lot but sometimes she talks to me and I don't know why, so I'll just guess that she's nice. In English she and I wrote the script to our Greaet Gatsby play thing, which we did today and I thought it sucked, but the teacher seemed to find it alright. I don't know how my teacher puts up with my class really, some people are so...argh.

Well I could go on and on...but I think I'm going to the mall now for perhaps the first time in many many months. The Garden State Plaza at least. I need to buy some christmas gifts and cards I think, which is great cos i have no money, eh? My mum will give me some..woo.


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