December 15, 2001

Man, I just spent a million years trying to install phpbb and then I found out that bluedomino doesn't suppost MySQL...not that i know what that is, but I know that's what I needed. Oh well, time to delete all these stupid files. Then again I would have been very surprised if I had gotten anything to work. I don't think ikonboard works. Well. It should I :( Why isn't anyone every online? Besides SmarterChild and GooglyMinotaur? It's a bit eerie when they're the only "people" online...

If you missed Sigur Ros on Craig Kilborn...well, sucks for you. The song they played was very nice. The only odd thing was that the song wasn't really ...totally done when they cut to commercials. I guess the song was DONE but they were still somewhat playing, yeh? Whatever, cool song, wooya.


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