December 29, 2001

I went outside my house today. *silent cheer*

Er. Anyway. I don't like to go to stores, cos then I SPEND MONEY (well there are other reasons) and well, I spent money, a great deal of it. I bought two books and a magazine and it set me back $70. I got a Flash 5 book, that was $30, and the other book, this web design thing, was $35! Color...costs a lot. Eh. And I got the latest issue of Tokion magazine. Because I wanted to read something. I also got physics flashcards (oh god help me) which better help me in some way. They probably wont cos I probably won't look at em. hm.

ANYWAY. The moon was so bright, jesus...keeeyrist. It was pretty weird. And I wouldn't have known if I didn't go otuside. Which isnt' a big deal, I don't stare at the sky and go "ooee stars are cool" because if I DID stare at the sky, I would probably go "ooee stars are cool" and well. Um. Stars are scary. The moon is scary too. But stars...AHH. I can't imagine lying on a field and just lookin at the sky. It would probably be a nice feeling though.

Oh yeah, while driving to the bookstore my mum and I passed a hosue that had this lit up display of Santa...on a dinosaur. No joke. Why? Don't ask me. It's weird, man. I think the dinosaur moved it's neck (a brontosaraus I think...I know I spelled that wrong. Wait, are those the dinosaurs that don't exist? I forget. Screw it, they're extinct, I could call em wigglewormdoodles for all I care). Anyway, that really just doesn't make sense.

I've never seen so many people on my buddy list online. But I'm not talkin to any of em. Hm.


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