December 13, 2001

I watched the Overthrown video! Man, how bizarre! It's so weird for some reason I dunno. Because I'm thinking "I just saw Even! In a little bar place. Singing happy songs of sadness. Getting hit in the butt with a microphone." It's very music-video-ee, I really don't know what's going on. Pan to the band...pan to some wooshy stuff...pan back to band...look at the drummer rock out...look at Even rock out...look at other guy (I'll remember their names at some point, oKAY)...HAHA! Generally, I pretty much dislike music videos. It's funny though. I'd like to get some screenshots of it, but my connection sucks (ass) and it might not work, like with realplayer...yeah. Actually...what was the point of that video? It was all dark and dreary but the song is pretty energetic stuff, yeah?

MM well. Very cool. Libido is great! I wish their name wasn't Libido though, cos when you search for that, you get all kind of weird porn. I looked up "Killing Some Dead Time" which worked a lot better. ... ... ...

I was listening to some songs by The Velvet Teen and they sound quite good. I only checked em out cos they're touring with Even though. But yeah, who cares. The singer dude has a good voice. Goes way high and I can't understand the lyrics. Like Thom! But not Thom. Download "Naked Girl"...spiff! And then buy me the CD, it's only $8. Well, I may as well just get it myself I suppose. If all CDs only costed $8, I'd probably buy more of em and in the long run end up spending more money.


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