December 29, 2001

I wanted to show you the pictures Diana drew in my christmas card...:) :

Heehee. I'm on the loose. Lock up your penguins!

Thom and a penguin! And Jonny. Without a penguin.

Oh well. :)

I think...this life is sad.! I haven't done anything for the past two days, Friday and Saturday. Aren't those the day normal people do...stuff? I think my mum is worrying about me. "Don't you want to go out somewhere? The mall? The bookstore? The movies?" It's funny, I think many of my friends wouldn't have their MUMS askign them if they want to go out and do stuff, but oh well. There aren't any stores I want to go to, no new magazines or books I want to read (I've got plenty unread books as it is) and no movies that interest me at the moment. Are my expectations too high? Things that would interest normal people just don't "do" it for me anymore? Sigh. This is pretty sad. I guess I can always try to learn flash again.

I hate junk mail.


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