December 14, 2001

"I think I lost an electron."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm positive."

MAN that's terrible! Absolutely....horrible! AHHH! Thanks YO SHANG for imparting such wisdom upon my feeble mind...

I wrote me christmas cards...neh! Writing is fun. Sometimes. If it's not for school.

I had yummy dumplings for dinner! And then after that I popped open another can of mystery dessert from the chinese supermarket, and it was the yummiest one so far. my mum really liked it too. It was peanuts and bean curd jello stuff in sugary ginger water stuff. I know that SOUNDS WEIRD but it's really chinese. I mean as soon as i ate it, it reminded me of something from Taiwan, which is pretty bizarre, but it did, I swear. There's this distinct taste that just does that. The ginger? Eh, I dunno. But it's YUM and I want MOOORE...goodness in a can! I should get some. "Can of happiness: 1 ounce"

I've been sitting here too long...where does the time gooo? It's weird, it just GOES LIKE THAT and i odn't know why, or how...and I end up sitting here too much..but...GAH I DUNNOOIAHIOIASDHEIRuhifdhsadshmoosh!

The latest entry here made me so happy! Even rules too much. And it's easy to like his music...too easy...I would also ask myself where I've been for the past couple of years. But when Libido came out with stuff, I was living in Taiwan. That's a pretty good reason not to know them, right? I mean I'm sure in one would have heard of em. What the hell would I have heard of in Taiwan? BACKSTREET BOYS AND THE SPICE GIRLS! Wasn't that it? And Mariah Carey...and Celine Dion. I don't remember much from! I liked music a lot, but I wasn't obsessed with anything. "Oh yeah, I really like this Celine Dion album..." HAHA oh yikes. And then near the end of 7th grade I started listening to Third Eye Blind and I liked them a bit, and then the whole WALLFLOWERS thing which scared the crap out of everyone, and then...Beck? I dunno. Weird stuff!


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