December 29, 2001

I just found out that the lyrics to all the Velvet Teen songs are on the CD...not written in the liner notes, there's a program that comes with the cd that plays the music and everything is in there. That's nice, I guess? It says MP3.COM everywhere, on the CD, on the cd case, in the program, like I'm going to forget or something? Hm.

Oh well. Woke up after 2 PM again. Mhmmh. Ate leftovers from dinner last night and a COOKIE. Felt weird for some reason. Overwhelming guilt about something stupid. I think it went away now though. Wee.

Mucus. Sucks.

I had very weird dreams last night. Don't really remember any of em of course, but god, weiiirrd stuff goes on in yer headee doesn't it.

Remember this? Haven't seen that cartoon in ages. ...leeet's keep it that way.

This site is always too pretty. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!


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