December 18, 2001

I had written something, but then I pressed the backspace key and the browser went back and destroyed what I wrote...that's happened do I make it stop doing this? It probably isn't very hard. But I don't know, someone tell me.

Well, I got a progress report in the mail today, HOW WONDERFUL I think, because it's my first all high school. WOOaa. Apparently, my grades in physics are "poor", you don't say? I thought I was getting a B-, or a C+. I thought that was, oops. Isn't a C supposed to be average? Whaaa? Oh well. Today was...boring. Gym sucked...ass. Physics was....poopy. Isn't this wonderful? YA! I hate volleyball, and Ihave ever since high school started. I don't remember disliking it so much in 7th grade. Everyone really sucked back then though. Now it's like..."Ball? Hit ball? Huh? No..." Uh...yeah. I think that was my day. By English, everything is better. I had a quiz in pre calc, that definitely sucked. A C or a B is my guess.

When I got home I furiously ate half of a turkey sub my brother got from Markey Basket. Oops. Note to self...chew more.

At one point during school when I was walking from physics to history, I felt like I was walking in a graveyard. I mean, I was outside and there weren't a lot of people out there yet, and it was this very eerrrie feeling of DEAD PEOPLE but not entirely. It was cloudy. Maybe that was it.

I can't help to smile when I think of Even. It's a funny way too. He's not funny! I shouldn't laugh. Well, I'm not LAUGHING, but something is funny there. Maybe the black nail polish. Ha! He's all pale and stuff. Oh well. I'll take happiness.


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