December 28, 2001

I dunno why but I ended up working on that dumb "everything in its right place" remix again. its probably not much better. unless you're wearing earphones. hmhm. yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon....

not that I'd ever BE a music producer...but i definitely don't WANT to be a music producer. mmHM.

Let's see, its 1 AM, and I'm stilllll here. I was planning to do something. But I can't really do it now...ah..e...uh..m.

I ate a cookie and it made me happy, until I ate the whole thing and realized i had no more cookie to eat. Of that one. And I figured it wouldn't be good to get another one. I've gained five pounds this winder..oo yay. That WOULD be useful if we were normal human beings and were storing fat for the winter cos food would be scarce but we're not, but you knew that. Mmhmh...I wanna live in a cave. With penguins!

My brother got a Maxim magazine 2002 calendar...HAHAHA...loser...neh. That's mean. My brother is very unique and that's quite nice to tell you the truth. ...except the penguin infatuation can get odd. But then look at me. actually...don't.

listening to idioteque...head bopping madness, right here. for some reason I like the "Live at Air Studios" version more than the album version...

I've listened to the stuff Rebecca recorded a Easy Street Records something like a bagillion times by now. Okay, maybe more like 10. But it seems like more and oo I wish I was there! Of course that would have been impossible, but if it was possible to like, uh, float to Seattle for a day and be like "ooee, coooool"...holy crap, it's definitely too late, I haven't any idea what i just wrote. neither do you most likely. :)

I still haven't gotten my Velvet Teen CD and I think I ordered it...a...while ago. Wait. Hm. Maybe not. 10 days? I dunno, but it's felt like a while. WHERE IS IT?! I WANT IT! RRRRAAARRGGH! (I'm very good at rrarrghing)...and I want "Rocket in My Pocket" by Console. It's just been sitting in my Columbia House shopping cart for ages. Cos when I buy from there I like to get a few CDs, but they don't really have anything I want. Unless I want another set of Radiohead CDs...*hmmm*...neh.


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