December 20, 2001

I don't know if I'm crazy, but it seems to be! What? The sun is shining, I can see the blue sky. Stuff is definitely falling though.

...nevermind, it stopped. I wonder what that was....giant dust? OO.

Rufus is still touring around....I don't think anywhere really close to me though. Somewhere in NY though...guh...foop! Diana wants me to go to NY tomorrow, hmmm maybe I WILL...or maybe...I WON'T...

School was okay today. In physics we did a lab and my partner and I actually got good results. The whole lab itself was probably really inaccurate but in the end it came out okay. We had to put water ina thermos and put in ice cubes and heated aluminum and brass...uh...nevermind. It was pooty, my partner did a lot of the work (as she usualyl does cos she's SMART) but, uh, I did something too I think.

. . . uh. Uh. Uh. My mind just went blank. Oh yeah, took another nice nap during lunch. *plop*. One more day of school before vacation. WOOPA. And my bro's old computer came in the mail today so now I have to back up all my crap on a bunch of CDs and stuff...but a NEW old COMPUTER exciting, I can rid myself of this piece of crap!


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