December 19, 2001

I did that pressing the backspace key thing again and I was done writing too...oh well. It wasn't much. Just me complaining as usual...FUUUUN IN A CAN O CHEEESE

But anyway. I tried taking a nap during lunch. It was a short nap. Lasted through "The Recluse" and "Where Happiness Lives." I realized that in a way I still can't believe that I saw Even. I don't know why but I look at the pictures I took and it doesn't seem like I was even there. I listened to the crappy recording I made last night before I went to bed and I've gotten used to it, the major buzz and fuzz in the background that is. Cos every so often for a split second Even's voice will be somewhat clear and I guess that's good enough for me. WOOya. I can block out the other crap. FUUUUZZZ! bad fuzz.

I want to eat dinner now...


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