December 24, 2001

I am 5% evil.

I am an Angel. I rarely sin which makes my life pretty boring. But if there is a god he will likely reward me in the afterlife.

Are you evil? find out at

Gee. Well, I guess if you measure evilness by cheating and shoplifting and such stuff then I would only be 5%. I should be less! Hm.

Cheryl, Bob, and I threw around a fire extinguisher at the old AMC 10 around midnight. It was fun.

I'm just reading karen's journal...mmHM! Throwing around a fire extinguisher? OOKKAAY! I was like "huh"..thats all...hehe. Speaking of fire extinguishers, last week my physics teacher turned one on for us to deomstrate something to do with temperature. it went Ha.

my butt...MY BUUUUM HUURTS WHYYY OH LORD i should go to sleep.


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