December 29, 2001

FLASH is evil! I can't figure this stuff out...errgh. i did all the tutorials in Flash 5 and I didn't know what I was doing, not really. Oh well. I guess I don't need to know how to use it, I just want to know. Sniff. Almost makes me want to cry...

But not really. Because I'm not too bright, and it's okay! Wee! I'll dance in the streets with underwear on my head, how about that? Mmhm!

Someone kept downloading Even Johansen songs from me on Audiogalaxy..gah! Well, I didn't mind that much because I want people to listen to his music, but still, kind of prevents me from being able to DO anything. And now if you search for him on Audiogalaxy you'll get the "Untitled" songs too, although there are two versions of some of those. At some point I'll mind people downloading from me, just that now I'm not DOING anything. I've spent so many hours in front of this stupid computer and I'm not even sure what I've accomplished (the same can be said about life in general, but I shouldn't get into that).

Actually I should rename some of these there's a difference...*why does it even matter, who's gonna download it*...mhmh.

Man I did a really crappy job converting Rebecca's recording into, I don't want to do it again, I think I'd turn to sludge uploading everything. *NOOOO* Maybe I ought to listen to the tape again. What is WRONG with me? :(

But this sucks, argh I screwed up..even sounds all muffle-ee. *bashes head against the wall*

man i can barely understand what the heck even is saying...i think i've just sometimes its easy ot understand, but wuh..wuh...duh...screw it

Is today a special day? No one seems to be online. I've got 4 mroe days until school. This sucks crap. I have a history project due in some weeks, and i haven't remotely started...haven't the slightest idea what i'm doing to tell you the truth. actually i forget what the project was on. actually. i forget all my history. actually. iwant a cookie. *blows nose*...i think i feel sicker than I did this morning, but not really...oh man, that means I'll probably be all sickly tomorrow. and i took something like 8, well they weren't all different, but i hate swallowing capsules of stuff that i don't know. noo now someone is downloading libido from me and i think i'd feel bad if I just got off. "Crash Out" is a nice song. like sleepy! eee! oo. pillows! i suppose i'll play solitaire for a while. i suck at that game. a lot. sucksucksuck.

I was watching TV (ohno) and there was a thingy about kids and being in foster homes and biological parents and social services being weird and oohohohuniauhsda all strange stuff, was odd. well. no not really. but. nevermind...its hard to keep things in perspective..that was random..i have issues..with

crap, another un-winnable game of solitaire.

...crap again. I could have won, but I did something dumb. duh.

..okay, lost

..and again.

...and again.

And again. that was quite a losing streak. hm. i think the ultimate dream woudl be to go to sleep and never wake up. right? if you think about it long enough. okay, maybe its just me.

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

oh.yay! my dream come true. actually, i really wouldnt mind doing that, kind of scary. better than sitting here at least. invader zim is mentioned in the quiz. thats about all i remember.

There seems to be some arguing at karen's guestbook. I'd probably be more like Ben than karen's friends, but I don't really take either of their sides. I'm more of a depressing person myself, is all. I don't think that Ben guy should have said anything in the first place. Truthfully I think someone who is happy most of the time wouldn't be able to understand...the other type of person. Actually I'm happy sometimes, so that's not Hm. Actually that Ben guy sounds somewhat crazy, but then I don't understand all of Karen's happiness much. i don't think i go around telling my friends i love em, unless i'm in some scary euphoric happy mood (which happens a lot, when I go psycho) and well, leaving that to rest...there's certainly no reason why this guy should have dissed karen about being happy though. that's just...dumb. unless she was dumb, but she's not.


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