December 17, 2001

An EVEN JOHANSEN SONG was on Roswell! His album wasn't mentioned at the end of the show, but wow! They played a smippit of "Where Happiness LIves"...what does this mean? I've heard Radiohead and Beck in Roswell before Oh well. Yay, Even rules!

...that's all I wrote? I thought I'd be more excited. That was a while ago...September 9th. I was just curious what my Even excitement level was like before. I wrote "smippit"

...for some reason today at lunch I had this realization that "The Recluse is a really good song." ...I don't know. Lunch. Ha. The stench of cafeteria food in the air. Wonderful.

I'm hungry, but really shouldn't eat anything. I'm scared by how much I eat. I eat really fast and although I've tried CHEWING a bit more, it's really hard, dude! ..DUDE! I don't know why it's so hard for me to chew. I give up after a few chews..."Neh, I'm hungry, the acid in my mouth ain't doin NOTHING" and then later I feel so full to the point of chucking my cookies.

I want cookies, by the way. I want to listen to some...thing. My mum is in this same room on her laptop. She would usually stay in her bedroom but my dad goes to bed early so she can't really hang around there. And she's watching Memento on her computer so I can't really listen to well. I could use headphones, but neh.

You know...I really ought to stop thinking so much. It drives me nuts. I know this isnt true but sometimes it's like I'm the only person THINKING and my brain feels WEIIIRRDDD and i hate THINKING because I'm not thinking about what I'm supposed to be thinking of (because god forbid I forget the equation for thermal expansion) and then I feel stupid but in reality, maybe everyone else is stupid. How did standards come about anyway. The ugliest person on earth could in fact be the most beautiful person on earth, isn't that true? Well, if you ever disagree with what I have to say, don't tell me, I don't want to know really. I'm just sickened by what seems like everything, although it's not everything. I still had Seventeen magazine so I picked it up and the whole magazine seems so ridiculous, it's practically satiracle (did I spell that right?)! It's like...gerg. Nevermind. I'm not going to worry about that. I guess I'll just..recycle it. Yeah there's other stuff to talk about, but that's for me to think about and go crazy into the night thinking about crazy stuffffoooraaarrsmoop.

Why don't people sign the guestbook? Not really the one for this page that I'm thinking about, but my diskobox one. Oh well. People don't know that it's a nice thing I guess? Foo.


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