December 18, 2001

Even Johansen, man now this man was super funny. Hes from Norway and like the settings were all messed up and he kept getting feedback so he kept talking to us and to his homie in Norweigian, which was pretty neat. I realized that I have him on one of my CDs' which was awesome, because I really like his stuff. oh man, what a beautiful singer..

That is from here. That is cool...I don't even know what Norwegian sounds like. He was talking to his homie. :) I still haven't sent that $1 for that sampler CD. Does anyone wanna do it for me? Er. Yeah it's only a buck but I'm so lazy, I dunnoooo ahh. Even has a most beautiful voice, it just make you want to EXPLODE (or maybe that's just me)...

Oh yeah, that girl signed my diskobox guestbook thinking that Even would read it I guess. I should put a disclaimer on the site..."THIS IS A VERY EXTREMELY UNOFFICIAL SITE" because people might be confused. Well not that really, well, everyone loves Even!


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