December 23, 2001

Download Rufus's version of "Across the Universe" from the I Am Sam soundtrack, it's really...goood. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHhh Rufus is too good.

Well today I'll have tons of fun, 5 of my relatives are coming over to spend the night but first we're going to go out to a giant BUFFET to eat. Woo. ...oh well. I don't like the buffet place too much but they have crab and some of my relatives really like crab or something. We'll probably spend 3 hours there or something. Last year for New Years we went there and it felt like an ETERNITY, I mean it's not as thought we're waiting for food, but somehow we spent hours there. I don't like hanging out with people I'm related to very much, you seeee?

Who thought of this? Someone who's really bored apparently.

I started reading The Hobbit and so far, it' Mmmhm. Oh well. I'm not big on fantasy stuff. I've only got a few more hundred pages to go before I'm finished with it, woohoo.

The cd burner doesn't want to work. Gr.

One of my friends always asks me if I'm going to dances, and I always say no. I have a feeling that one day she thinks I'm going to be like "Oh yeah, sure, I love school functions, yay!"! It's not like I try to be mean, but...gah. I think she's going with someone this year and so she wants me and Aliza to be there, and she'll probably have an easier time getting Aliza to go. I've been friends with this person since kindergarten (scary isnt it) but honestly, I don't know that much about her. She isn't someone I'd want to hang out with all the time. I don't think we couldn't be friends since we've been friends for so long, if that makes any sense. Well, it's nice she's...uh, excited about the dance I guess.

The Rotating Particle thing in Windows Media Player is so weird, I think I could stare at it all day. ALLLDAY...wooshwooshwoosh..."The thought of you wiillll fillllll.." I've noticed a bunch of little things in "Quiet & Still" when listening to it with my headphones. Little things that make it absolutely more wonderful.


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