December 27, 2001

DOOODAAAA! Today was WEIRD! Diana is at me house right now and she really wants to sleep cos we've been...uh...doing something all day. ALL day. Like 12 horus we spent on this making a "music video" for "Where Happiness Lives" and I don't know how it took that long but it did and BLAAH you can't see it cos it's 30-something megs. Eek. We took a bunch of pictures of stuff and stuck em together and well I don't feel like explaining it, we listened to the song A MILLION TIMES and decided to hate Even for a while, but it's okay, you can't hate him for long. Why the hell is this song so friggin long?!!!! That's what we said a lot...somewhat. Nahaha. Eh.

...but anyway. ALL DAY! Well what I've learned from this experience (we used Flash 5 and Adobe Premiere) is that I'll never want to be a music video editing person or anymating person or a blah blah BLAH! I'll do something else. Mm...yessssssssss!

We also ate food at some points. As a break. Woo. !!! It was interesting, not really torture although I think we lost our minds at some points. Many various points. "Uh, we gotta play the song again....*twangy guitar starts*.." And then I go "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Somewhat. GOTS TA LOVE EVEN I'll just keep telling myself that. Oh yeah, Diana did pretty much everything cos she's really really good at that stuff. Holy crap. She drew these great pictures in about two seconds. Freakish! In a good way! All I did was edit the audio (cut out a few seconds) which didn't take very

Oh yes another good thing that happened today is that I got the SACRED PEN and some other cool stuff from Rebbie. She's hilarious! I dunno if she knows that. Well not like a stand up comedian (comedienne?) but man I was reading her letter and couldn't stop laughing. "How dare that ugly freak ruin the photos!!!" Haha...noo! That's terrible! Ah! Rebecca rules. Diana and I pretty much had the same thought when we looked at the pictures Rebbie took...Even is kyoot...grr...graah...*noOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

..that was nuts. Neh ..raar.....rhrhherue...amodnuisdf$$43. I dunno. Diana and my bro are watching "Family Guy" on the computer now...sounds scary. It's a funny show I guess. Teevee. Eehee.


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