December 23, 2001

Did anyone ever notice that there's no "Untitled 2" here? I just did. Apparently I can't count, but if no one else noticed then no one else can either.

...that's so dumb. Why would I do that...of course it's not the end of the world or anything, but...

Anyway. Today is my dad's birthday and I had aboslutely no idea up until everyone started singing Happy Birthday. No joke. Isn't that pathetic? Oh well, I can't believe I'm this bad at remembering people's birthdays. I had just remembered Diana's birthday on Friday and I asked her about it, it was weeeeeks ago. Oops. Then again I had given her a birthday present months ago and had forgotten about that...what is wrong with my brain?

My brother can't believe that I upload so much stuff. He's got a super fast ethernet connection in college I think and can get something like a meg a second. That's nuts really. Anyway, I'm transfering about 30 megs at 2 k a second. It doesn't go any faster than that. Ugh. Why am I even doing this? I finally converted all the WFMU stuff in better quality and I thought I should upload it (although who would want it, I don't really know). This is going to take a few hours, isnt it...

Oh yeah, so anyway my family and my uncle's family went to the Internation Buffet. Woo. Food. I ate way too much, I thought I was going to puke right there, or I would need a good ol stomach/intestines pumping. We spent an hour and a half there I think. Eh, not so bad. I tried the pudding. I thought it was rice pudding but it was just tapioca. Mm. I'm not very fond of buffets. The other night I had gained a few pounds and now all that weight I lost in the summer isn't lookin very lost anymore. I don't even want to know how much I weigh now. During the whole dinner it felt so weird. It...uh..I mean, I felt so weird. Hm. I guess everyone thinks their family is weird, but it's not that my family is really screwed up, I just don't see how I fit in there. My cousins that ate with us are in their 20s and they lead comfortable lives (one is married, her husband ate with us) but if that's my future, then..AH I don't want that. I know what I want and it's pretty much to do nothing important. Well, not exactly. It's just that my brother and everyone who's older than me tells me that when they were juniors in high school they weren't thinking about college and stuff, but the next year they were. I can't imagine that next year I'm going to be going crazy about colleges and stuff, but everyone says I will. I don't want to be. :(

For some reason I've been listening to Beth Orton a LOT lately (Central Reservation, mainly) and I've had this CD for 2 years. But then why am I just listening to it now? I think before I didn't like listening to it because it made me sad for no reason and I'm still not sure what the reason is but now it doesn't sound depressing. It's a really good album though, Beth Orton has such a great voice, yeah? When I think about it I've seen her the most times in concert out of all the concerts I've been to (3 times). And I still have her *supposed* water bottle, ha. It probably isn't, but I still have it for some crazy reason. Oh well. My most clear memory of her is from Boston when there weren't many people in the theater yet and so I got to sit in the front of the balcony on the stairs. I was lookin between the bars (this was before I had really heard any of her music) and the song I liked the most was "Pass In Time" which is a really preeettty song. I remember there was this guy next to us (Emma and I that is) who asked who she was and Emma was telling him she was Beth Orton, and she wasn't sure why she was opening for Beck since she's more laid back and folky compared to all that Midnite Vultures stuff (why do I remember this?). I don't think Emma liked Beth Orton so much, I guess it's not exciting enough for her or something. My mum thinks her music is too slow and stuff. A lot of the music I listen to is like that though. It's good! :P

Speaking of Emma, I don't know what happened to her. Not that any of you would care though. At some point we wrote letters to each other a lot (but that was the time when everyone wrote a lot, now no one does) and then everything died away last year, and now she could be dead, which is nothing I can control. Man, do I sound mean? I'm not trying to be, but...well, I dunno. The friendship between me and Emma was weird I think since we were nothing alike in my opinion besides the liking Beck and Bjork part (she got me into Bjork). She's a senior now anyway, she's probably busy as hell.

God, I keep burping this stupid cake/yule log that my mum bought. There was only one left at Market Basket I think, orange chocolate or something. Orange and chocolate don't mix well, let me tell you that much. I ate my piece really fast which could explain this excessive BURPAGE. Oh yeah, and upstairs my dad lit up the fireplace and down here in the basement there's also a fireplace and I can smell the wonderful smoke, yay. When I was little I used to like fireplaces and stuff, but now I realized it's dumb, we're lighting a fire inside our own house. This would be fine if there was no thing as central heating and such stuff, but there is. It's for the whole feeling of a fire I guess. That's dandy, but smoke smells like crap.


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