December 22, 2001

Blah. My computer really died this time. I think my brother is reformatting it. I tried to open a program and it froze...well, no big surprise really. And so I restarted it and when Windows popped up again, all the drivers had disappeared along with all the programs. That's useful. So now my brother is reinstalling everything I think. I feel bad for him, but then I wouldn't want to do it. :P

My family went out to a buffet place to eat. ARRGH no buffets suck, too much food. I ate two pudding cups. Well, that's not ALL I ate but it was the yummiest thing. Actually after the first pudding as I was nearly finished with it I realized how gross it was. A glob of white stuff mainly, flavored to taste like vanilla. But I ate the whole thing. The second pudding I ate was rice pudding and it was pretty good, but rice pudding is a weird food. Whose idea was it to put pudding in rice anyway? Well, whose idea is it to do anything?

During dinner my family talked a bit but it all seemed so dumb, at that point I realized that I don't really like to talk to anyone. In a sense. ...yeaaah. I mean, I don't mind chatting online much except I know that it's not much of a representation of how I talk in real life (too many spelling errors and stuff..okay, not just that). And well, I guess I'll end up talking to myself all the time. But not really.

ACTUALLY (this is getting odd) while eating and on the drive home from the restaurant I had the idea that the whole world was a big giant hell. When my brother was driving up this ramp on the highway I had that feeling, isnt that weird? Not very normal. "THIS IS HELL! With asphalt!" But I forgot what I was talking about. I'm lookin at this Radiohead thing. Also that highway is right by this giant mall called the Garden State Plaza and it was pretty crowded...a sea of CARS. I don't like cars, I really don't. All these people buying stuff, it seems completely pathetic. Not that it's bad to give presents but it's like cows being herded into the slaughterhouse.

Oh yeah, I was also thinking about how computer suck. A lot. Sucks and blows. Both at the same time. How simple would life be without computers? What would I be doing right now? Stupid things to think about like that. Woo.


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