December 24, 2001

Bah. Dinner at great uncle's house...uh...yay! There were something like 20 people there including my family. YAY. Of course, I'm the odd one out because I always am. Not surprising but it's always a bit annoying. There was another girl there from the west coast who's also a junior in high school, but I didn't really talk to her. She talked to my brother though. I didn't really like the food because I'm not very into meat with bones and such stuff. There was lots of food though. Oh well. So I sat and ate semi-quietly. And the TV was on so I watched some. Gah...TV. I don't like it.

And then...yeah...I found myself not being like anyone there. I guess it's possible I wasn't the only one feeling that but I was the only one not talking to anyone, so I wouldn't be surprised. It's just that my ideas and ANYTHING that I find worthwhile talking about isn't anything anyone else would find interesting. There are barely any people in this world I'd want to talk to really. So yeah. My mum's cousin is getting married soon so they were talking about that a bit I guess. He's a cool guy I guess. Actually...yeah sure why not. His whole family is nice I guess, my great aunt is kind of odd sometimes but nice, same for my great uncle.

On the way to the house in Staten Island I listened to "Trailer Park" by Beth Orton, really nice album, although I like "Central Reservation" better i think. The song I really like is "Don't Need A Reason" but it seems like the tuning in the some is just a bit off so when I try to play along it sounds really gross. Ee. I can make do. It's a pretty song. And of course i listened to Even a lot..."Quiet & Still" two times. In the song Quiet & Still, what is that instrument during the chorus that isn't a guitar, a xylophone-ee thing, or a bass, or Even singing..there's this one other thing and I want to know what it is. I haven't a clue though. It's soft and flowee but its like...guh. If you listen to the song you'll know what I mean. I love ever song...every one! I think seeing Even was the happiest moment of my life, I wonder if that's pathetic. I can also point out the unhappiest times of my life, but that would be sort of depressing and unnecessary I guess.

Like just 9% of the population you are a MASTERMIND (SIAT). You can be silent and withdrawn, but behind your reserved exterior lies an active mind that allows you to analyze situations and come up with creative, unexpected solutions. Normal people call this "scheming." Don't learn German.

Anyway, your sense of style and originality are your strengths, and people will respect your judgment once they get to know you. If you learn to be a little more personable, you could be a great leader--you've definitely got the "vision" thing down. Just make sure all the plotting you do behind those eyes of yours is healthy.

Famous masterminds in television: Dr. Claw, The Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Montgomery Burns.

I don't want to be a mastermind. maybe it's wrong. 9% of the population is small though, which could explain for a lot eh. I don't want to be a leader. I don't want leaders period.


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