December 15, 2001

ARRGH dumb computer...

I had written something about how my computer sucks. And then I was updating my blog but it screwed up. So...uh..yeah, computer going to poot, not turning off correctly, none of my Sonic Foundry programs working, the CD burner not BURNING...

But it's okay! SUURE! Rebecca sent me some pics she took of Even, that's a bundle of happy right there!

So today I woke up at 12-something. And then I took a nap from 3-something to 6-something. For some reason I feel like this day started AGES ago, when in reality I barely did anything today and I wasn't even awake for that long. So why the hell does it feel like that? I'm still in my jammies! JAMMMIIIES! What!! I mean today I woke up....ate a Did something on the internet, went back to sleep, woke up, recorded the WFMU stuff again, ate, did stuff, uploaded a bunch of stuff, sat on my bum a lot. Woo!

My middle finger hurts. Eeeee. I was ripping off the skin I guess. And then playing guitar. Actually, it's probably nothing compared to having your legs chopped off, and then being beaten with em. I haven't had that experience yet, though.

There's another Libido music video for Revolving! I wanna see!...EEE!

Poor Diana...:P


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