December 17, 2001

AHH I'm hearing my voice...

Diana sent me a VGWD CD (that's her "radio station", ah!) and she recorded a conversation we had at La Maison du Chocolat. AHH I sound dumb. WHY DID YOU PUT THIS ON, DIANA? The next track is hilarious though, it's her "interview" of Jonny's just funny, trust me. Hey, it could almost be real...

This is funny. I'll make some realaudio files...*boopbeepboop*...all done! This is my conversation with Diana...I'm the one who says "La Masion du Chocolat", we talk about Radiohead. This is the "Jonny" interview...:) I haven't totally listened to this CD yet, but there's a New Order song on it and it's pretty cool, oo!

School was poot today. I forget all the pooty details. But who cares, I'm home now...WEE! During the first half of the first period of physics, the teacher was just TALKING to us about...stuff. I kind of forget. And I'm really wondering what's wrong with me because when I'm bored I pick the skin off my fingers into a bloody mess (well, not really, I haven't gotten to the point where I need bandages) and now it's hurts. By the time it heals I'll probably mess em up again. Waaaah.

But enough of that. I mailed out some stuff today, GO MEEE. And. It rained. Er. Foooo....4 more days of school!

Oo now "Army" by Ben Folds Five is playing on the CD. I used to love this song...well, I kind of used to love BFF too. They're okeee, not really existing anymore though.


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