December 21, 2001

AHH Diana gave me the KYOOTEST (yes, not cutest...kyootest) card! She drew this hilarious picture of me (entitled "Robyn on the Loose") weilding a net running after a penguin, a really KYOOT penguin! HAHAHHA oh crap it's way too easy to draw me lookin like a psycho. Also she drew a pic of Jonny and Thom, and Thom is holding onto a penguin....! And on the back of the card is a drawing of Even (or supposed to be), I dunno, not easily recognizeable. His hair! Er! He doesn't look odd, just different...he's got that norweigian glow! Yeah, I have no idea what that is...

News flash - Rufus will be performing at the Town Hall on Thursday February 14 at 8 PM. Tickets are $25 and $35. The Town Hall is located at 123 W. 43rd Street. You can get tickets through Ticketmaster or at the theater box office.

Hoo crap...that sounds cool! Wow!...!!!! Beck played there during the "Mutations" period, and I didn't go, although I wouldn't have been able to get tickets ANYWAY, but wow, this sounds plausible as long as tickets will be available for a while. As I think bout stuff. Town Hall is a nice theater I think. Not that I've been there...then again that's a school night, eh? that Valentine's Day? I saw Beck on February 14th last year, didn't I? (Shouldn't I remember these things)...whoaaaa...yeah I really ought to see the show. At least I'm not superly-majorly obsessed. That is scary!

Well, tonite is about the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!...I actually heard them play a song on Z100 this morning. It was weird, I wasn't paying attention but the dj said "And that was the Trans-Siberian orchestra!" It was a Christmas song, i forget which one. But anyway.

School poot. But it's gone. Foo!


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