November 30, 2001

Wooya, listened to Even (pronounced Evan I realize...dumb me!) from 1-2 AM. actually, I sat in front of my stereo on a stool from 11 PM, so I wasted a lot of time, but anyway WEE I'm happy.

So who would care about what I thought...about the performance? Rebecca maybe? Well first, he played Quiet & Still. Mmhm! Then he played Where Happiness Lives but it was a bit different from the album, it sounded more like a death march..really! It was one of the strangest gloomy things I've ever heard. Even has such a beautiful voice though, so...blah, who cares! He played a few songs that I had NO idea what they were, which annoyed me but eh well. He must have had a drum machine with him or something...I think there was only one other musician accompanying him. There was a lot of strange instrumental stuff going on between the songs that is reminiscent of Sigur Ros or Godspeed You Black Emperor! (or at least I thought so). I thought my leg was going to fall off cos I was sitting funny as to not make the reception crappier than it already was. It wasn't so great...if I tilted my head too much it'd get static-ee.

Anyway...Even didn't talk too much. Except at the end a bit. Very nice speaking voice...well, most likely. Sigh. Well the weirdest thing was at the end of Dancing in the Moonlight, the last song he played, he sang Zip A Dee Do Dah. Yeah, the Disney song...yeah? It was weird!Q It wasn't like what you hear at Splash Mountain or anything, but...ANYWAY, now I think Even is a bit weird, but not in a freaky way. He also stuck in at the end of the song that he would be playing at Brownies tomorrow (today?) which didn't make me feel so great..GR..he said 9 o clock, I thought the site said 10. I'll have to rush a bit then if there's any chance of me hearing ANYTHING from out there. God I'm nuts. Goodnite.


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