November 21, 2001

Woo, no school for four days! Plenty of sleepin will be done, I COMMAND IT!

School was pretty pointless. I mean, I didn't learn anything...physics was the only class that we took notes in. Yuck. In Russian we played bingo and English most of the class played 7-Up while I did homework with Christina...and the rest of hte day was blaah blaaah. Oo well. I was in a good mood. Hoorah!

After school my mum and I went to a japanese buffet and then to Mitsuwa and Kinokuniya. Thom is on the cover of Crossbeat magazine! GARG! I have no moolah! I'll go to the Kinokuniya in NY and maybe they'lkl have stuff too. I'll have sooome moolah. Yeah. And I was looking at back issues which are $2, and there was some stuff in there mag had these very nice pics of Thom. Welll...uh, he was lookin very odd, like usual. I mean that in a good way. I wanted to buy it, but neh, I have to control my spending. NO THOM FOR ME! Beck was in a mag too, but it was only a few pages..sigh. I got some cookies and other goodies though, it's a good thing my mum and I like that stuff. I ate so much sweet stuff today! That buffet had a ton of different cakes so I tried...all of them. CAAAKE!

Oh yeah, Rebecca, your bro is too cool! My bro wouldn't ever get me...Radiohead stuff! Well, okay he might, but he wouldn't listen to em. Once my bro asked me if I wanted a Radiohead biography CD thing, which I thought was nice, but I've got enough books to fill my head with wonderful Radiohead trivia, so I'm set. Maybe I should tell him to get it for me as a Christmas gift, ooee...

Here's a little survey type thing I've seen at various livejournals...oo.

*A - Age: 16
*B - Best Friend: ah..?
*C - Choice of Meat: choice of meat? man that's weird. well chicken is good...and eel is good too. EEL IS TASTY, I swear! You're not allowed to say anything if you haven't eaten it.
*D - Dream Date: um...none?
*E - Exciting Adventure: walking along glaciers in Iceland! Or going to alaska and watching the Northern Lights!...wait, is that Alaska? Or some other cold place...Iceland has those too yeah.
*F - Favorite Food: I dunno. CHOCOLATE I guess!
*G - Greatest Accomplishment: I'm still alive, isn't that an accomplishment? Cos nothing else is worth mentioning, heehee!...oh wait, that's sad. Um.
*H - Happiest Day of your life: God, I dunno. That's a toughie. Seeing RADIOHEAD was really cool. And seeing Beck the first time was cool, I was like "..holy crap, HE'S REAL!"
*I - Interests: Internet, music, chocolate, sleeping, reading, tv, not going to school
*K - Kool-Aid: I don't think I've ever had kool aid. I remember a scary Ren and Stimpy comic strip that had a character that was LIKE Kool Aid but it was something else and it was scary
*L - Love: to sleep! And listening to music!
*M - Most Valued: My awesome collection of penguin memorabilia...hah, no.
*N - Name: Robyn
*O - Outfit you love: pajamas!
*P - Pizza toppings: mm...broccoli and tomato?
*Q - Question Asked to you the most: no one asks me questions!
*R - Radio Station: WFUV! They're the onyl station that ever plays music that I really like, whoa!
*S - Sport: *barf*
*T - Television Show: Gilmore Girls, Roswell, Boston Public, Ed, blah blah, blah blah blah blah..
*U - Ur favorite song: How To Disappear Completely...generally, any "depressing" song makes me happy. EVERY EVEN JOHANSEN SONG! Yeah they're all kind of like that, haha. Hm. Old Beck songs! I love old Beck stuff, just him and Mr,
*V - Video: videooo? mmhmmh...mrhrh?
*W - Winter: I LOVE WINTER!
*X - Xylophone: uh..thats kind of random!
*Y - Year born: 1985
*Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo

OH YEAH I HAVE TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BJORK! I almost forgot, but this morning the DJ on WFUV announced her b-day which was very nice! :)


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