November 11, 2001

Welllll today was joyous...not really. I slept a lot though. I mean, I woke up at 2:45, I ate lunch, did my laundy and went back to bed somtime about 4:15. Then I woke up at 7:30 or so. And ate dinner, which consisted of 12 beef gyoza (Japanese DUMPLINGS yum) but I was still hungry so I ate a frozen eel dinner. Doesn'y my life sound like the most exciting thing since cheese? YES!

Ah well. Right now I'm wondering whether or not I have gym in the upper or lower gyum tomorrow. At the end of ever marking period we usually don't have gym for a day or two as some classes switch teachers and they try to organize everything. I know that my class is getting a new teacher, poop. I didn't mind my teacher so much. Eh well. The lower gym is on the complete opposite side of the school from the upper gym though, so I'll probably be walking around the school a few times before I figure out where I'm supposed to go. I don't have any friends in my gym class, so I can't really ask anyone, eh? Mmhmhmfoogle. Just another way to make my life a teeensy bit harder.

I'm watchin Saving Private Ryan right now. I would rather watch the X-Files, but the TV by this computer doesnt get reception on FOX. Err well. I've seen this movie before and ti almost made me puke...because of the shaky camera in that first scene. I guess the violence doesn't help either, but eh. :)

Mm I guess I should go now and do something semi-productive.


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