November 14, 2001

Today kind of sucked like...yesterday, wow, alrightee.

Well, gym wasn't unbearable. It was just normal I guess. Physics was History was boring. Lunch was boring. Math was boring. Actually, around math time I was feeling slightly better. Russian was okay (but of course, boring) and then English came. I don't mind English class so much, but I really am in the worst group, and I hate it. Why do I always seem to end up in the worst groups? I mean, I'm not a leader at all, but no one else seemed to know how to write an outline for our storyboard, so I wrote it, and I just had to tell everyone what to draw. It's like they have no idea what the story was about. I know they read it...I hope. And one person in the group had to go to the doctor, but he can't draw or write anything cos he broke his wrist or something. So I felt like dying...or sleeping. They're kind of similar. Sigh...I really hate my group. I guess I don't hate the individual people...but collectively, I don't know.

I went to bed last night after 2 AM I think. Something like that. So that's less than 4 hours of sleep. My sleeping patterns have become strange since I take a 2 hour nap every day or so. Tomorrow I don't think I can take one since my piano lesson is at 5:30, which sucks. But why did I go to bed so late? I gues I figured, whats the point, when I wake up I'll be dead tired anyway. No matter how much sleep I get I'll always be tired. Why even go to bed at all? Sometimes sleeping just seems like a waste of time and of life, but then when I'm awake it kind of feels like that too, so nevermind I guess.

Why did I write David Radcliffe before? I meant Daniel How old is he? I was just thinking about how he seemed pretty mature, although not neccesarily old. I guess thats...better than being immature. Yes, I'm very profound.

I want to see this. If I was living in Taiwan I could see it in I don't, eh well. I have a feeling that Harry Potter is going to beat the movie's record because...well, yeah. Oh well, whatever. 2 more days...

God dammit, I'm downloading 2 songs on udiogalaxy and someone is downloading a song off of me. This is very unkind to my connection...I mean, I can't DO anything else. I better like these new Bjork b-sides. Will I buy the Pagan Poetry single? Someday I guess. Maybe. Unless it costs more than 10 bucks in which case...gerrg. I'm sending a song at 435 bytes a second. You think this'll take a while?

Oh yeah, something else happened today. I took a math contest after school, and i pretty much didn't know how to do any of the questions. I got 2 out of six. Which isn't terrible...I mean, zero would be terrible I guess. But it didn't even count for anything and I was disappointed. Eh well. Stupid mistakes. I really am not that smart, I hate it when people seem to think I am.


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