November 18, 2001

Today I slept, ate, slept more, read, watch TV, ate, went to Barnes and Noble, ate, and now I'm TYPING.

I know, it's a lot to do in a day, but you can accomplish anything if you belieeeve in yourself...

Ah, anyway. I dunno why I woke up at 1, ate, and then went back to sleep after reading a bit of Harry Potter. A little more than a fourth into the book, he's not even at the train station to go to Hogwarts yet. I guess if the entire book was made into the movie, the movie would be 5 hours long or something. But anyway! The only semi-strange-but-maybe-not dissimilarity between the book and the movie that I've noticed so far is that in the book, Harry shakes Professor Quirrel's hand, but in the movie he doesn't. OKAY that is like nothing, but you know in the end Harry's hands turn Professor Quirrel into duuuust. probably doesn't make much of a difference. FALALA!

I've spent this week and next week's allowance already. That's bad, yeah? $40...I spent it all on magazines and books (but mainly books). Oh well, it could be worse, eh?


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