November 07, 2001

This looks like crap. For whatever reason I can't upload any pictures. I keep getting "Error: 553 in Request: PutAsync. Check your server profile settings and try again. 553 about_bg.jpg: Permission denied."

Sigh. Well it was all going pretty well up until then. So what good stuff happened today? Well I somehow got an A in physics. I dunno how, but whatever, I'm not going to complain.

This site is cute. Heeheehee...Ed.

Thom is on the cover of Rockin On I bought it. And yet again I have no money. Hmmm. This sucks. :P

School was okay today. I had a substitute in Russian, that made me happyyy!...and in English my teacher lost her voice and so she couldn't really teacher us anything. So I got to talk to Christina the whole period pretty much. Mm...yup.

Those "comment" things don't work, do they? Probably something to do with the pop up windows and the javascript crap which I don't know anything about. Ugh. Oh well. Not much to comment on anyway!

I want an apple...I think I JUICY GOODNESS!


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