November 26, 2001

This is one of my favorite blog entries. You know, HAVING favorite blog entires is incredibly sad. I just thought that this particular entry exemplified my bounteous wealth of wonderfully terribly writing skills. For example:

We also did one of those human pyramid things, which is a bad idea really, unless you get a couple-a small kindergarteners to be at the top. We could make one giant one so we decided to make two small ones, which would leave one person out and I decided to make things easy and, what the hell, be the "odd" one out. Afterwards, the Ryan guy was like "Are you okay?" Oh, NOOOO, it was my DREAM to be in the human pyramid and now all my plans for the future have been crushed! Cos I was planning to be a professional human pyramid dude.

I don't write like that anymore do I? Maybe I'm not as morose. I'm a bit amazed, perhaps I'm not as...poopy as last year. Well, obviously my vocabulary hasn't gotten any better. That entire blog entry is like that. Wonderfully sarcastic, wee!

Holy crap, I need to get out of here. There isn't anyone to chat with online and my speakers are an inch away from exploding because "The National Anthem" has got some serious fuzzy bass crap goin on...yes Colin, play like you've never played before! Colin needs to do some rapping, don't you think?


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