November 24, 2001

- The Studio Ghibli museum is the hottest ticket in town!! It opened to packed reception just a month ago, but the crowd still hasn’t stopped coming. Tickets (which retail for $8) are already sold out for the rest of the year, and are being auctioned off at ridiculous prices (over $50 each from Yahoo auction)!!

So even if I could, I wouldn't be able to. Okay, that was worded poorly. Even if I lived remotely NEAR the museum, I wouldn't be able to. Hm. Ah well.

Look numero 22!

I decided to listen to some Radiohead. I was getting tired of reading the 5 million Thom/Radiohead references in reviews of Quiet and Still. So now I'm listening to "How Do You", which I find to be a really funny song. I don't mean it's actually gut busting funny, but have you LISTENED to the song? It's great in a funny way. Thom sounds crazy. I haven't the slightest idea what he's saying besides "HOW DEW YEWWWWW" and some other snippits. I'm listening to "Anyone Can Play Guitar". This song is hilarious too, just because of the priceless music video, one of the most goddam scariest pieces of motion pictures musical semi-artistic blop something fazoo I've ever seen. Thom's lips! Thom running around! Thom wearing a vest! It's all there. It's too easy to make fun of Radiohead. I only do it cos I love em. I find it hard ot make fun of Beck. In my opinion there is nothing strange about him. I would kind of like to have something to make fun of him about. But there's nothing, he's too..up there.

I think it is widely known that "Sulk" is one of the most underrated Radiohead songs, but if so many people know this, then isn't it not underrated? It's a nice song. It's easy to play...A, D, E. Well, for that part. Mhmhm.

I dunno. Foo. I'm too obsessed with stuff but I'm not really. "Street Spirit" is makin me happy. I love depressing songs! They fill my heart with loooove!


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