November 13, 2001

School sucks. And there begins another fun blog entry!

Who would ever think of scooter hockey? And how BORED was this person? I would rather play normal hockey, then I wouldn't have to scoot around. That's why they're called scooters, yeah? Who the hell likes to SCOOT?! My butt...SCOOT yourself!

So that sucked crap. Physics sucked too because, well, it's boring, and we had a quiz which I really screwd up because I thought the equation for momentum was P=mv^2, but P=MV...nothing is squared...GARG I'm not gonna need to know momentum later in life yeah? It's not important.

School just feels really unnatural. Doesn't it? I walk around and don't even know why I'm there. I don't want to talk to anyone there, I don't want to be in any of the classes, and I definitely don't want to contribute to any of the classes in any way. Which is why I barely squeaked by with an A in Russian. Well technically an A- but pluses and minuses don't come up on the report cards. I got a C in participation, but an A in everythign else, oh well. It annoyed me a little, because by the time I think about raising my hand the teacher has called on someone already. Well acutally, that's only about 10% of the time. Most of the time I just don't think about it. Besides, its the same people who get called on every time, so only a few people would get As in that area anyway.

Oh now i remember what annoyed me so much this morning. I got a notice about holiday festival crap. I havent been doing lately cos i don't feel like it. It's not a club, so I truthfully don't feel like I'm obligated to go. Is that right? I mean I only went to a meeting cos Jen, who is a coordinator I guess, made me go. "Come on Robyn, it'll be fun! Just stay after school." She failed to mention that I needed 30 hours to get ANY community service credit for it. I've done 1.8 hours, according to whoever calculated it. So what about that 28.2 that's left? I'm thinking I'll just screw it, what's the point? I'm not gonna make up that much time in the next three weeks. The sheet I got said there were some meetings on the weekend from 10AM to thank you. I'd like to stay home. And the night before the holiday festival and after the holiday fesitval there's gonna be a lot of clean up. Technically, I didn't do much, maybe drew 4 big pictures, so blargh. I really don't want to be in school any longer than I have to.

English is annoying since we've started a group project. I think I'm always put in the worst groups. Almost always. Why? I mean, I guess it's just because I', but still, it seems a bit unfair. We have to draw a story board and I'm afraid I'll end up doing the whole thing. I don't even know if the people in my group READ the story. I finished it yesterday and today they were just talking about...god knows what. I'm not a leader, so I'm not even going to attempt to get their minds focused on the work.

My mum's car broke down. Our town car, which is something like 10 years old, likes to stop...working it seems. Ah well. So I waited outside for 20 minutes before my mum's friend came by to pick me up and tell me about my mum. Foo. When I got home, I ate dumplings and went to sleep...and woke up, ate more dumplings, watched TV, did crappy math homework (like < href=>this) and now I'm here. Whyyyyy. I want fruit.

Man I'm really annoying, no wonder I'm me. I was watching Gilmore Girls and I thought it was funny that Rory was being picked on by the school for being a "loner" cos she doesn't seem like one to me. I mean I'm more of a loner, although I don't think that other people think I have some kind of social disability. Just a mental one. I sit along at lunch and have on a few occasions read a book I brought from home. But usually I do homework or attempt to sleep. I never bring my cd player or anything...when I was in TAS I used to bring my CDs to school every, although I think that was just for the bus ride. There was no time to listen during school, really. Mmwell. I can't stand those people who walk around with CD players everywhere. There is this girl who I think is a sophomore, or a freshman, and she listens to her CD player while walking in the hall...with these big headphones. Well, not giant, but to me, the smaller the better. I don't understand why anyone would want to carry around big headphones. But who would be unable to part from their CD player for the 4 minutes we get to pass from one class to the next? I don't get it! Doesn't anyone agree with me? Unless these people are listening to CDs that say "Breath in, left foot foward, right foot forward, breath.." cos they don't know how to walk and take in OXYGEN, then...I dunno.

Oh well, thats enough for now. I'm sure tomorrow will be another scoot-crappin day.


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