November 27, 2001

Oo, there is new audiodregs stuff! Eeheehee.

I can't find my checkbook though. Eh...that's preeetty bad. Where is it? It must be somewhere in my's right NEXT TO ME! *looks around*...crap. I lost my Rufus pin too...I think. Well, I can't find it. Oh well.

Well today in school...not much happened...yeeup. When I got home I read a bit of Culture Jam, which is a very interesting book so far, and I took a 3 hour nap. Wooaa! I got up, ate stuff, and watched Gilmore Girls while doing some strange math homework.

Physics is really...not...doing...stuff. I don't get anything at all. I just sit there wasting my life, or so it feels like. Honestly, I'm staring at a board with letters strewn everywhere...I dunno. I hate it a lot.

I really ought to stop watching TV. I'm still watching it...I need to smash it in or something. Grr.

Album Leaf, Convocation of..., Even Johansen
7:30 PM
18 W/ ID!!! to enter

Jesus christ, could you please rub it in and make me feel worse? Yeah? Thanks. The website says 10 Uh. I dunno. Now I'm thinking that maybe I'll just go to NY and go to that place for a sec, take a picture, and then walk around. GARG I'm gonna be a wreck all week. Well, until Friday. If i even do anything. If I was born two eyras earlier, this wouldn't be a problem, yeah? Well, unless I went to a college that wasn't remotely near anywhere Even was going. Which would suck. But still. I shoudl force my mum to go...nono. Okay, what about Diana? no..she said she was working..DOES ANYONE WANT TO GO TO NY AND MAKE ME HAPPYYY

actually, it probably wouldn't make me happy. ARHG I have to stop doing this. This is so dumb. I should be...happy for..uh..LIFE YAY HAPPY GODDAMMIT yeah here i go WOOpeedoo! Does anything think I'm crazy? I feel so selfish all the time. This is the disease of being mattter how much you have, its never enough! I mean, you tell me. Actually, I've had a lot on my mind concerning that. For a lot of my life I've wanted to live or visit some remote(r) areas than jersey...but i thought I was weird. When I was little it was the Rainforest, you know, get there before all the trees are cut down. Now I'm thinking more Alaska or Iceland...not that they're really the same at all, but ANYWAY. It's NOT weird. We're all humans! We're not supposed to be these domesticated creatures doing nothing...or being stressed out all the I think it's natural to want to get away from the "developed" industrial electronic world. Yeah, just nod. But it's not easy, you cant just pick up and leave and go somewhere else. No wonder so many people commit suicide, living here is like a slow death for many people. You have so much stuff that you dont know what to do with it all, and you end up doing nothing. You cant lie down in a field somewhere and just stare at the sky thinking you're wasting time when you're really not...and you can't not work because then your boss will get mad at you and blah blah i dunno what i'm talking about.


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