November 20, 2001

OO MY GOD look, it's something about Even at maxim online! Uh...YAY! I guess? Even Johansen isn't that new is he? Well I've only had the album since the summer, so eh. I wonder if the article is in the magazine, cos then I can swipe it out of my bro's copy, eh? Oh this makes me so happy, just reading about Even! This article talks so much about similarities to Radiohead and Thom, and personally I don't think...well, I dunno, I don't think they sound alike. Even is...warmer? Yeah, Thom is a cold pit of darkness, ha. Thom rules too. I still don't have "I Might Be Wrong", aren't I horrible? True Love Waits!

Anyway...Even doesn't like Travis? Aw...well, I guess he's not gonna be like "Jesus, they're just the most adorable band out there!" I like Travis. Because they're fun fun. I don't know much about them as PEOPLE, just hearing the music is nice though. It doesn't look as though they'll do anything phenomenal or you know, stuff like that, but I don't care. Wee!

...hmmhmhmanyway! ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL and then I'm freeee...for...a 4 day weekend. Better than nuttin! Hoofah.

The site for the Harry Potter movie is cool! :D Check out this interview with Ruper Grint and Emma Watson. For whatever reason I thought this was funny:

Question: What is your holiday wish?

Rupert Grint: I wish everybody would go to the film!

Emma Watson: I wish there was peace between America and Afghanistan.

Hm..:) Two very different answers, eh? Oh well, both good, yeah! They're coool.


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