November 23, 2001

Oo, lots to talk about today! Well, I woke up at 6:30, WHOAAA yeah not like 2 PM yesterday.

So I planned to take bus 163 leaving Ridgewood at 9:10 but it didn't come until 9:30. It only took 45 minutes to get to NY though, so I actually got there earlier than scheduled. Woo! Taking the bus is very easy. I shoudl do it more often.

When I got to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I called Diana on her cell phone while walking along 42nd street...she said she saw me, but I couldn't see her. And then she loomed into view...WEE...carry a large bag? FOR MEEE? Yup! She gave me this, a 18x28 inch glossy poster picture mounted on foam cardboard. Very spiffy! I give many thanks to Diana for giving me this one of a kind Radiohead token of appreciation! Well, two of a kind, we both have one. Ah.

We saw the Harry Potter movie first a 9:30. $10! Foo, I guess NYC has never heard of matinee prices, and we couldn't really pass off as kids. Oh well. The theater was nice, Loews that is. And the movie was good, for the third time! That is the last time though, no more until the DVD comes out, I promise. :)

After that we ate at Applebees which was right across the street. Diana and I got the same thing, chicken and broccoli alfredo! She asked the waitress, who was very nice, to not much so much sauce on hers. Me, I didn't care, GIMME ALL THE SAUCE! The waitress said that the cooks made fun of her for that request, heehee. The food was yum! While we were waiting for our food and while we were eating, I made Diana listen to Even and Libido. She seemed to like both of em...score! One of the first things she said about Even was that he resembled Thom! I still don't see (well, hear) it, but I guess I've listened to him too long.

Ah, I kind of forgot what happened after that. We walked a while and it was very crowded. There's a newish Toys R Us store right in Times Square and it was GIGANTIC and CROWDED. Yikes! We went to the Virgin Megastore and didn't buy anything but looked at some nice books. Woo.

After that we may have started towards Rockefeller Center. My memory sucks, yes? We went to Kinokuniya and googled over Rockin On and Crossbeat with Thom and his band of merry men. I thought about buying Crossbeat, but...didn't. Diana wanted to buy a pen, but...didn't. We don't like to part from our moolah, can you see that? I think after that, or before perhaps, we went to the new Pokemon Store. Yikes...Pokemon. BUT THEY'RE SO FREAKIN CUTE! Chikarita! I may have spelled that wrong, but anyway, lots of stuffed animals, cards, and other stuff. The stuffed animals aren't cute enough, they're not SOFT. They're just hard fuzzy things, blech! The funniest thing was that when we were leaving we saw a dude in a Pikachu suit (those suits are BIG man, it must be like a cave in there) and a bunch of kids circling around it. I wonder how much that job pays...not enough, most likely.

A bit more walking around Rockefeller Center and we went to La Maison du Chocolate. YUM! I bought some chocolate, not a lot, but it ended up being 60-something bucks. It was mainly for my mum, who deserves some chocolate! I wanted some cake and cocoa but there were a bunch of people there so I decided we'd go back later, is no object when it comes to chocolate! Tis true.

I think we decided to go to the comic book store Diana had been tellin me about for a while, which was on 32nd (?) street, so there was a bit of walkin involved. We stopped at Office Max so Diana could make a copy of a nice drawing she did and copy something from my issue of Mojo with Thom on the cover ("Obscure? Not us!"). Then we started walking again, planning to get a smoothie but the smoothie place was closed. SO we went to Baskin Robbins where Diana got some kind of slushie thing that looked a bit funky, I don't think she liked it very much. We finally got to the comic store, Jim Hanley's Universe is the name I think, and it was very cool. Pretty big and packed with lots of comics. I found Zurik the Robot there! It's a short little comic about a robot, kind of depressing but the robot was so cute, I had to buy it. Less than 3 bucks! I wasn't really planning to buy anything, but I ended up buying three things including the Zurik comic, an Acme Novelty Library comic (the name is something like that) and a Nausicaa book. The Acme comic is cool cos it's buy the guy who did the Jimmy Corrigan comic. And that is a very spiffy comic. His style of drawing is just very unique in my opinion and the stories are strange, but interesting. They're always depressing and they make me feel uncomfortable, but I go for that. Yeah, I'm pretty odd. The Nausicaa book made me very happy because I thought it was out of print. Actually, I think it is and the store just happened to have one. The color of the cover looked a bit funky, but WHO CARES it was an English translation of the movie! :) I also wanted to get another Bone comic, which was my favorite when I was 10 or so, but I didn't. Eh, some other day! Read Bone, it's funny and the characters are cute.

Hooyeah, where am I? Ah yes, we trekked back to the chocolate store and we shared a piece of cake. It was yummy, but not really phenomenal for the 7 dollar price tag. The COCOA however was VERY good. It's hard ot describe really, but I'll try. It went down like silk and initially tasted very sweet but then the taste would disperse a bit and be just right. Upon first sight it looked like melted chocolate...very uniformly dark brown, but it wasn't this really thick liquid. Not thin either. It was just really good. Nto sure what kind of chocolate it was made of. That was 6 bucks down the drain I think. Well, I used my mum's credit card. Does that justify my purchase? Probably not, but I don't want to feel guilty for indulging myself a bit. Some people buy clothes and jewely; my mum and I buy chocolate.

Then alas, time to go back to the bus terminal and saw goodbye to Diana. We took some pictures, did the friend-hug bit, and that was that. Ah. Well, we'll see each other again! I got on the bus safe and sound, there weren't many people there. The bus left right on schedule and someone got to Ridgewood at the EXACT time as on the shedule. It was about 45 minutes! :)

When I got home I showed my mum the goodies and she shows me some chocolate she ordered from We made some dumplings which tasted very good! Mmm! I'm not very good at closing the gyoza skin around the meat, but who cares, fresh dumplings = yum. I looked at the mail too, mainly crap, but I finally got my books= from I've onyl read a bit of it, and the book "Days of War, Nights of Love" is a bit strange but I somewhat understand it. I guess it's in the vein of rebellion-anarchy-free thinking type stuff. Always a fun read, yeah? I read it, but I don't necessarily follow it, because if I did I don't think I would spend so much time sitting in front of this monitor. Anyway, on the carboard that the book was wrapped in, whoever shipped it wrote "Hey Robyn, here's the stuff you ordered. Hope it finds you well and yse it wisely!!!" Love, R.P. McMurphy" The word "use" is underlind two times. Below that to the right there is a picture of a heart with flames on the top, and writting in the heart is the word "explode!". Under the heart it says "our hearts are armed!" I don't know why but I really like that note. It's like this person thinks that I can do something very useful with the book, which I doubt, but hey, that would be nice. I like it when I order something and I get nice little notes like that, but it's only happened once before when I ordered from audiodregs.

AH that was my day. Fun, yeah? At some points of the day I had forgotten about the whole not seeing Even Johansen thing but I remember now. Ah. I would be confident enough to go to the concert alone, because I don't really have any friends who are super obsessed with Even. It might be nice to go alone anyway. I could give Even a nice holiday gift including a stuffed animal penguin, some chocolate and a nice little flower (come on, you know I'd do the penguin thing). But I can't, gerg. I'll have fun reading my books, wee!


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