November 17, 2001

OO I love Harry Potter! I mean I really like Harry Potter. Maybe love is too strong of a word...I wouldn't go to school with a lightning bolt drawn onto my forehead (Lisa did this...I thought it was pretty funny, in a good way. She wore her Harry Potter t-shirt. She went ALL OUT HARRY POTTAH STYLE!).

Mm, anyway! I saw the movie two times today, if you want to get technical. But about the first time...that was fun, yeah? My mum and I got to the mall a bit too early for the movie, like around 11:15 PM, and there were a bunch of people just walkin around. The mall is eerie when everything is closed. I mean there were 2 restaurants open I think. TGIF is open till 1 AM? Well anyway, at some point we went to the Loews in there, along with whatever other crazy people wanted to see the movie and couldn't wait until the sun came up.

There was a mix of people there. Some teenagers, 20-something, little kids and their parents, older yup. We were all pretty happy I guess. And the movie started at some point..and WEEE YAY the moment I've been waiting for! So I'm not sure if I should say anything about the movie besides it was very good, because maybe you haven't seen it yet and I shouldn't give anything away, eh?

But you all know the story, yes? (YES you do) So it's not like the actual events in the movie are surprising. I was surprised by what was changed or left out. I mean stuff wasn't changed dramatically, little things I guess to save some time (although the movie still clocks in at about 2 hours and 15 minutes) I dunno. I wouldn't have minded if it was 3 hours long. I think it should have been longer, really. I mean I know maybe a lot of people may not want to sit that long (my butt was hurtin) but if the movie had more...dialogue and developed the relationships between the characters a bit more and didn't go from one scene to the other abuptly, then it could be better? But who am I to judge, it was great!

The kids in the movie are so cute. I'm talking about the people who played Harry, Ron and Hermione...Daniel, Rupert, and Emma? Gee, doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyhoo, I thought Ron was the cutest. He just looks kind of..funny! Not in a bad way. And Ron's personality is cute of course, he's slightly dimwitted. My mum said his face wasn't even on both sides (asymmetrical?) and it's kind of true I I sound mean? I mean it was just kind of funny. Hermione is kind of annoying most of the time, but she's cool, yeah? And cute...I mean kyoot! Poof hair! And Harry is kyoot too. The thing is there isn't anything realyl distinct about Harry's know? Obviously he's got the special something no one else defeating EVIL and stuff. But Hermione is the overacheiver who semi obsesses over work, Ron is the good friend who mind is a bit foggy, and Harry is just really normal except for all the, um, extraordinary stuff. Then again, they're all wizards and witches, that is pretty extraordinary...

YES I know Harry Potter isn't real. I'm making him out to be. But if you think about it, if Harry grew up like a normal kid, he'd be the most normal kid there. Is that strange? My friend mentioned that someone told her Daniel Radcliffe wasn't much of an actor, and I thought about it...and there isn't a great deal he has to do in the movie. Well, I'm not really in any position to say that I guess...but...I mean his acting abilities, which I know nothing about, wouldn't really shine in this movie since its not like the role is draining or something. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I thought all the actors and actresses were good. I liked Hagrid...heehee, big scary man.

Well my life hasn't just been Harry Potter for the past, school sucked. I think it was mainly English though. I did pretty much everything in the project. During the presentation the other people in ym group just read the caoptions I wrote for the pictures and that was that. I'm glad my teacher is understanding, she knows what the people in my group are like and hopefully I will get a better grade than they will.

After school I went to a meeting for some holiday festival stuff. I planned on being a photographer who would just walk around and take pictures of anything, and I was very against doing anything else. My friend told me to do it...and I figured well, if I can walk around and do whatever I want, that's good. OKAY all is fine and dandy. Well the head teacher tells me that she needs more people to be the computer picture people, which means I wouldn't get to walk around and I'd just sit in a room and...I dunno, but the point is, I really DIDN'T want to do that, and now I have to do it. Technically I don't have to, but what choice do I have? I must donate my help to where it's NEEDED apparently, and well, I hate school, but I'm powerless. SO VERY POWERLESS! My power has been depleated. Sigh.

HAHHAHA CONAN YOU RULE he's doing a bit about Harry Potter and it's SO funny. MR T! he wasn't in the movie, but anyway, Conan, SO FUNNY!

I got that record player I wanted. It works very well! I felt compelled to listen to all my records (which didn't take very long, you know) so that is funfunfun. Bringing back the BECK!


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