November 20, 2001

Oo, go Sigur Ros!

Today wasn't so bad. During history we got to make collages about the three branches of the American governemtn...does that not spell F-U-N or what? ...uh. Well I did mien with another girl who is kind of one of those teeny bopper ish people I guess...we were lookin through magazines and I was given YM, and she said "Oh, can I have that? I love those magazines." It's funny I guess. Well those magazines are so ridiculous, it's...stupid, but this girl is pretty nice so blaah. She was telling me to be happier about history and be optimistic and positive and WEEWEE so I was just like "uh..yay..this rules..woo" in typical Robyn fashion.

Last period during English, she kept saying "! Smile! Come on!" Well I was in a good mood by then so i did, and it was almost like some her. I thought it was funny. I mean, yeah I DO smile sometimes! It's easy to make me smile. I'm really good at keeping a blank face 99% of the school day though. Hm.

When I got home I ate a burrito! I would like to take a nap too...don't have a lot of homework! And tomorrow school get outs at noon, that's nice. And I'm excited about Friday, when I will most likely have a fun happy day with Diana as we go crazy in NY...okay, we never go crazy, we just walk around aimlessly, but hey, could be fun! :)


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