November 11, 2001's nearly 4 AM, and I'm still here. Why?! Well I somewhat redid and it is much more colorful and HAPPY than before, yeah? But for whatever reason javascript won't work on the index page or the page for my song-o-matic and I have NO idea why. I stared at it for a long time (partially the reason why I'm still up) and I still don't understand. Times like these, I wish I was a bit smarter...

So what kind of TV is on at this time of day? Well I watched some of The Real World, which I've never seen before, but apparently CBS plays reruns at this time. They seemed to be pretty old episodes, from San Francisco or something? It seemed like a nice show...kind of...I mean as far as a reality TV show goes, I'd rather watch it than Survivor or Big Brother or TEMPTATION ISLAND 2 (why oh whyyy) so.


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