November 10, 2001

My right hand is always freezing cold. POOP!

I ate a lot today. But oddly enough I don't feel I-gots-ta-puke full. Maybe my stomach got bigger. Oo, how did that happen? Eh well. It seems like most of the things my mum and I buy are food. And that's what we did today...went to the Chinese food market and bought foooood. TOFUUU! Spicy tofu! Er...yeah. Yum.

I bought some stuff from here. What exactly did I buy? It's a surprise, heehee! Well, no it's not, but not much point in talking about it until I get in, in which I will impart any sort of wisdom I attain unto YOU!

I watched "The Emperor's New Groove" with my mum. She's had the DVD for quite a while but didn't watch it yet. Mmwell. We saw it in the theaters too, but it's a funny movie, yeah? David Spade is so whiny, my god.

Anyway. Where is everyone? I always feel like I'm the only person who just stays home all day and eats and does crap...oh wait, I guess I am. But still, err...I forgot if i was trying to make a point or not.


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