November 29, 2001

If you're Cristen, click here! And if you're not...well, I suppose you can still click there. Don't blame me for any side effects, though.

I ate FROOT for dinner. Yes, not fruit, froot. Ha. Uh. Anyway, persimmons and apples = fun. Woofa.

I think I have homework...but i haven't done any yet. Hm. The only written thing i have due tomorrow is history i think. We just finished watching "The American President" to learn about..the President I guess. I dunno how much I learned, but it was a good movie I think, very cute! There was a girl in my class who went "AW they're so cute!" whenever some lovey-dovey stuff went on. My teacher would fast foward when the f-word was about to come up, it was really funny. She missed it two times though, ha! The first time, Michael J. Fox was ranting and it was so funny cos my teacher hit that fast forward button a split second before..yeah..and this kid was like "Huuuh what did he say?" although he was just joking. Haaa. We all know, ah well.

DOOODEEDOO a few more hours until EVEN on zee radio, eehh?


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