November 19, 2001

We don't know German but some dude in lederhosen told us this is is how to say "Watch Radiohead rock Berlin in a webcast recorded during the summer of 2000": Schauen Sie Radiohead Felsen Berlin in einem webcast, der während des Sommers von 2000 aufgezeichnet wird zu. HA! and your parents told you music couldn't be educational! Tune in now to get yer fix.

Plus, you may think its not possible but there are people out there who love Radiohead as much you do. Watch them pledge their allegiance in our new adverts section. And don't miss the "Radiohead Rap" as resurrected from the cutting room floor.

Those iBlip things are always straaange, yes? I can't watch these adverts, and I'm interested in the RADIOHEAD RAP...actually, maybe I don't want to know. Oh well, it doesn't matter, cos IT DOESN'T WORK ON MY CRAPPIN COMPUTER! Neither do the music videos.

If I went to this store, I would DIE! Or...something. Okay, not *sploot* die, but anyway! It doesn't matter cos it's in California and well, I don't have much reason to go there, but if I did I'd have to go there. And the Paul Frank store. I think I'd spend too much money though. I love all the t-shirts, and the candy, and I would like to buy some comics and books. I mean, if you KNOW me, then you know I'm not a shopaholic and I don't enjoy clothes shopping...when I shop it's usually for food, music, or reading materials, yeah? I love all these shirts. I could probably use some pants though. Which reminds me, I need to rip out the hem stuff from a pair of pants to make them a tad longer...ookeee, that'll be fun. Not really. Anyway, it's not that I love shirts in general, I guess it's just the picture. But it would be more useful if I could wear a picture as clooothing then just have it hang on my wall and collect dust.

Anyway. Now I remember how little money I have. Not that I'd want to be a millionaire or anything, but lets see, I have $50 odd bucks in my checking accout and my savings really doesn't have much at all. I plan to take a bit o money out for Friday when I am planning to go to NY. And buy CHOCOLATE!


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