November 25, 2001

I woke up at 3 PM. Well, I actually woke up around 10, decided to go back to bed, then woke up again at 2. I didn't see the point of waking up so I just laid half conscious in bed until 3. Is that pathetic? I'd rather not know.

I did have a dream last night, or maybe before, that I was taking a quiz in physics and it took me the whole period...and I wasn't anywhere near done. I had this whole booklet to do. And I couldn't understand how everyone else could have finished. Sigh.

Hotmail isn't working.

Ever wondered what Kid A would sound like acoustic? Well you can download a version played by John Mayer, it sounds pretty nice. John Mayer isn't so bad, although I don't really listen to his stuffffff...that's meeee..

I actually went into the ouside world today (well, there is no inside world, so I guess that's the only choice) by going to the Chinese supermarket with my mum. We got a ton of dumplings and I got various frozen stufffff, and some turnip cakes which are mainly rice but have turnp bits in em or something. YUM. Oh yeah, spicy tofu is always yummy.

GARG someone is downloading a Libido song from me...ah well, I hate to be mean...*shuts down Audiogalaxy*, but my computer can only take so much. The internet won't function if people download stuff from me.

My book is becoming increasingly interesting, but it's also making me lose faith in the human race. Well technically I never had much, but humans are really a dumb species...or whatever. Sigh.


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