November 24, 2001

I woke up at 2:30 PM. And proceeded to the kitchen to make meself some dumplings. I got the mail (Harry Potter is the cover story of Entertainment Weekly..well, yeah!) and...yeah, nothing very interesting in the mail. I'm not expecting anything. Haven't gotten a letter in ages. Sometimes I forgot if I replied to them, but I think I did.

Well, it must have rained, cos the ground outside is all...wet. Just like Nancy Drew I am..."The ground is wet! Something wet was here..." The sky is all cloudy. I like clouds more than sun, yes, but it seems to be kind of dark and it's not even 4 o clock yet. TIME FOR DEPRESSING MUSIC...well I was listening to Morning Bell, and now I'm listening to Everything in its Right Place...doodoodooo, this song isn't depressing, its HAPPY FUN DUDE!

*hack cough*...I think some remnants of dumpling were in my throat. Or chocolate. I ate some chocolate, yup. Chocolate brings me comfort, wee!

Now it's time for me to figure out how much moolah I owe my mum and see how much money I have to spend on Christmas gifts. Everyone just tell me what you want for Christmas. I already know what I'm getting two of my friends, and really, does anyone want some crappy surprise as a gift? I think it's much better to know what you're getting so you make sure not to get another one...and can be all "oo ahh I can't wait to get Robyn's gift" until Christmas comes. Yes? Yeah.


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