November 09, 2001

I like these things. I dislike shopping for bags and that kind of stuff...I should have just bought something from here! Last year my mum took me out to buy some kind of bag and I bought this little thing that can pretty much only hold my wallet. Hmmm. I'd rather just not bring a bag around with me ever, which is usually what doo. I think those handbags with the tiny straps are pretty dumb, I mean it won't really hang over your shoulder, but to me it seems dumb to just carry it around in your hand. I guess I'm part of a small group of people who feel this way because lots of people buy those bags I guess. In my school lots of girls carry around those tiny types of bags, and I'm thinking "What the hell can you fit in there? A chapstick?" Yeah, that sounds about right. Come on, that's what pockets are for! Always buy pants with pockets! And then where are their books? Do they just go to their lockers ever period? That's not I certainly can't go to my locker that much, but lucky for me I also use my friend's locker that is in the 500 wing, the opposite side of the school from where MY locker is.

Actually, what I'd like is this wallet. It seems nice. Kind of big, but that might be better than the one I have now, because I hate it when all the change makes the wallet grow about twice it's size. I dont' like carrying around a wallet, so I never bring my money around with me. Or maybe I stuff some money in my pocket. And I certainly never bring my checkbook out of the house. But anyway, it could be nice. Could.

HAHAHAHAHA...oh god, is that wrong? It's funny. I prefer the regular ol' naked sock money though.

This annoys me just a teeeny bit. November 23rd IS the biggest shopping day of the year, and while I never go nuts shopping for anything (unless I'm in Japan and I'm obsessed with Tamagotchis) people stuff. Yeah. I mean I'll agree it isn't great for everyone to go out with their moolah and spent like crazy at giant chain stores with their SPECIAL POST THANKSGIVING PRE HOLIDAY SEMI MONTHLY ANNUAL sales, but what if they didn't at all? That would be worse I'd think. People's minds in this country are totally shot, and the majority of people will not learn this kind of stuff. Does anyone know what I'm talkin about? Maybe I'm not part of the audience they're targetting...or maybe I am...they argue that people should spend time with friends and family and not just spend time buying stuff. Well my dad is in Taiwan and my brother is in St. Louis. On the 23rd I plan to go to NY to spend time with Diana, who has a very hectic schedule pretty much ALL the time, and I'll probably mainly buy FOOD. Overconsumption? Well, I believe I'm spoiled as hell, yeah? Foo. Okay, I'm just as bad as everyone else, an American pig poo!


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