November 06, 2001

HOLY FOOKIN CRAP! I think I got an A+ on my physics test!...(with a curve)...but anyway. I got 39 out of 45...or something. The higest grade was 43, two people got that including the really immature idiot who sits next to unfair. But anyway, 39 was the second best and two people got that including MEEEE so perhaps I know my physics crap a little better than most of the class. Maybe.

So that was all fine and dandy. Especially after first period which was HELL. Why? Okay, today is definitely one of the coldest days of the school year. It might gave felt the coldest because of all the WIND, and my gym class was the only one to go outside. Okay, that was a definite sign that we were dumb and shouldn't have gone otuside. I could barely move it was so cold. Not just cold, windy and cold. I didn't really have on many layers either, just the usual shirt and sweater, which did absolutely nothing. The next period I got asthmatic, and I didn't even do anything....cold weather does that to me I guess. Stupid sathma...GAR!

I think for the rest of the day, no more classes went outside. I guess we were the guinea pigs.

Heehaaa Gilmore Girls is funny! My must see shows on Tuesday nights are Gilmore Girls and Roswell, which are pretty much at the bottom of the must-see heap I suppose. I was thinking about watching the new show "24" but...uh..neeeh. Roswell...that's quality programming, yeah? *yee...ah..ah?*

I took a 3 hour nap. Geeer and I'm still a bit hungry. HUNGY! But tomorrow will be the last day of school for the week and I can RELAX...for the rest of the week.

I stayed after school initially to work for the Holiday Festival, but instead I helped out Jen with her silk. She painted a picture on a piece of silf for art class, and it's really cool looking! She spent pretty much the whole school year doing it so far, which is a few months, yeah? She had to heat it for a while in a pot to make the color set and then we washed it to get this goo-crap off. So that was a fun...30 minutes? Well not that long maybe. Afterwards I went to the 300 wing which is where all the holiday festival stuff goes on, and I really didn't feel like staying there. Too many people that I didn't know...actually, that's not true, but I must have some kind of problem, cos I don't like being around people, even though I know they're all nice. I just felt uncomfortable for whatever reason...ugh, school in general is very uncomfortable. I mean most of the people there are girls and they're in their own little groups, and I don't have a group, so I opted to go home and eat my burrito.

And I did. BURRITOOOO! Mmm!


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